Delicious dips and spreads

100% natural

Every single avocado that we  use is grown sustainably and they’re all picked, packed and transported socially responsibly from different markets and countries around the world, like Chile, Peru, South Africa from certified farmers. 

Lazy Lizard Guacamole is made with perfectly ripened, hand-scooped Hass avocados and a bunch of all natural and simple ingredients. A lot of goodness to keep the original flavour of fresh avocados.

Delicious and fresh

To ensure the exitement of the taste of fresh avocado we keep our  Guacamole chunky with a bite. Just like homemade without preservatives.

We use High Pressure Processing (HPP) to keep things delicious and nutritious. HPP is using water pressure instead of heat  and keep all our dips and spreads fresh for a longer time. 


The brand Lazy Lizard represents the flagship products of Lazy Foods. They are all  100% natural, gluten free without  preservatives.        Fresh, delicious and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.