Our story

fresh, delicious and preservative-free

It all started in 2014, after a long period of working in the import and export industry for fruits, mainly avocados. The reason was simple, really. As a food lover, I wondered why supermarkets and the professional food industry could not provide fresh, delicious and preservative-free guacamole.

Healthy dips and spreads

One year later, Lazy Foods and the brand LAZY LIZARD was born. Under this brand we offer a distinctive range of fresh, healthy dips and spreads like guacamole, hummus and salsas. We currently supply these high-quality dips and spreads to retailers, food service providers, caterers and leisure companies throughout Europe.

Ron van der Vloed

Trustworthy supplier

From humble beginnings, Lazy Foods has grown into a trustworthy supplier for all its clients and has built up an outstanding reputation.

Our Mission

The mission of Lazy Foods is to be a reliable and professional partner, especially for the food service and retail sectors. We aim to produce fresh dips focused on quality, food safety and consumer demand. Lazy Foods wants to play an important role in Europe as an expert in the chilled food segment through the application of high-pressure processing and by building a strategic relationship with customers. Working closely and listening to customers will result in new concepts. Lazy Foods will stick to its core values to ensure our right to exist. We strive to distinguish ourselves in the fields of product innovation, quality, all-natural ingredients, freshness, food safety, flavour, health, purity and honesty.